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A2Z HOME STORE COMPANY is one of the leading home store companies dealing with Housewares, Bed & Bath Linens, Indoor and Outdoor Furniture, Decorative Items and Home Fragrances in the Kuwait market. It consist of two big showrooms A2Z HOME STORE located at Street 26, Shuwaikh Industrial and HOME SELECTION located at Arraya Center, Sharq. For the past decades both showroom gain attentions and demands in the Kuwait market due to its finest quality, most improved concept ideas, good taste of colours, artistic design, creativity, class & elegance of products. Our items cater different signature brands from all over the world especially Europe and America.

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Presently, the A2Z HOME STORE COMPANY provide, develop and bring the most unique items that the customer needs and wish in their daily used, special occasions and gifts to loved one. For shopping experience the showrooms are open daily and you can purchase through online anytime of your convenience.


our history

It was March 21, 1994 the A2Z Home Store, Street 26, Shuwaikh Industrial opened its door to the public to provide the ultimate shopping experience. It started with a wide range of home products from A to Z.

From time to time the management improved its concept to reach the demand and level of Customer Satisfaction through designs, quality and unique items.

Honestly, company established a very high reputation in providing elegant and unique Household products to the Home makers in Kuwait and competition of home store business is not that stiff before.

Due to high demand from the market, management expanded the business by opening the second showroom Home Selection at Arraya Centre, Sharq last December 16, 2003.

This showroom is a two storey floor composed of Mezzanine 1 for Housewares, Decorative Items and Home Fragrances Sections and Mezzanine 2 for Bed & Bath Linens Section in various exclusive signature brands, elegant and finest household products.

Primary target market of this high end shop is for elite and middle class customers. It was great because the Home Selections showroom was not only known here in Kuwait but also in some other part of the Middle East.

Now, customers can find all signature exclusive Brands, customized, unique, elegant designs and artistic household products in wide range available in Housewares, Bed and Bath Linens, Indoor and Outdoor Furniture & Decorative Items Sections to both showrooms.

The Main Goal is to provide our customers the best product they want to have either showroom they wish to visit.








A2Z Home Store

  Street No. 26, Industrial Area,

      Shuwaikh, Kuwait.

   +965 2484 7180 / +965 2484 7129

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 Home Selection

   Street No. 26, Industrial Area,

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   +965 2484 7180 / +965 2484 7129

   +965 2483 5943



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